Many people are buying cryptocurrencies primarily for investment with the sole objective to quickly make more money. Although there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto, dominates the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, the high volatility of the cryptocurrencies, on the whole, presents greater opportunities to make money by investing or trading in bitcoins and other cryptos.

One can make money via bitcoins either by trading them or by speculating on its value. For the latter, the speculator may or may not own the cryptocurrency. And, generating income by speculating on the value of the cryptocurrency token is how CFDs work. However, for trading in bitcoins, the trader must own the crypto. Trading bitcoins or another cryptocurrency involves buying the crypto at a lower price and selling it for a higher price. It involves carefully monitoring the financial markets for suitable trading signals.

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

Introduction to Bitcoin Circuit

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Bitcoin Circuit facilitates Bitcoin trading, it is an all-inclusive trading software specifically tailored for the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, Bitcoin Circuit is backed by a powerful algorithm, which can access and analyze a myriad of financial markets. The objective of the trading software here is to narrow down lucrative trading indicators.

Bitcoin Circuit is a platform picks out profitable trading windows by evaluating a market research. As a result, it provides trading with 99% accuracy and a very high success rate. In fact, it is quite easy to use Bitcoin Circuit for generating passive incomes. The software provides a time leap advantage of 0.01 seconds. And, in trading, the time difference implies the benefit of executing the trade before the rest of the world.

Other than trading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Circuit also features CFDs options for traders. Using this option, the cryptocurrency traders can make money with Bitcoin Circuit by simply speculating the price movements of the digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market.

Simply put, bitcoin CFD allows traders to take the complete advantage of the risks and merits associated with bitcoins, but without owning the tokens. That is to say, the investor doesn’t have to buy or sell bitcoins.

Moreover, individuals holding bitcoins can also benefit from short selling CFD trades where they can offset their losses. CFD trades are especially beneficial when the trading conditions are not favorable or whenever the price of the crypto moves down. And, most importantly, Bitcoin Circuit is extremely suitable for aspiring traders with no prior experience or trading skills.

Important Features of Bitcoin Circuit

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Major part of our Bitcoin Circuit review involves listing out the key elements and vital aspects of the crypto trading platform. Here are some of the highlights as listed on the Bitcoin Circuit official website.

The US Trading Association awarded the Best Trading App title to Bitcoin Circuit making it one of the very few award-winning trading platforms.

Bitcoin Circuit is a suitable trading platform for both beginners and experienced traders. As a matter of fact, the auto-trading feature helps the novice traders to make profits, while the more experienced traders can use this feature for backtesting their trading strategy. Thus, Bitcoin Circuit presents a win-win situation irrespective of the trader’s expertise.

Apart from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Circuit supports the trade of other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, NEM, Dash, NEO, Verge, to name a few.

Bitcoin Circuit enables traders to customize a trading session for the automated system to execute a trade on the behalf of the trader. Some of the customizable options include and not limited to;

  • Assets to trade
  • Trading funds to invest
  • The level of risk
  • Trade strategies

Better suited for professional or expert online traders, the manual trade mode is where the trader is in complete control of the trading activities. Here, the user executes the trade, unlike the auto mode where the trading robot executes the trade.

Bitcoin Circuit outsources brokers for monitoring the automated trade process. The role of the brokers is to ensure that the trader bot only identifies profitable trade signals. In fact, Bitcoin Circuit is associated with most of the reputed brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe.

Bitcoin Circuit has a free registration process. Further, the Bitcoin Circuit trading platform does not charge any handling, processing, or service charges. Nevertheless, for live trading to earn real money, the trader must make a minimum deposit of 250 USD in their Bitcoin Circuit user account.

Traders must raise a request with the customer support team for cashouts. Typically, the whole process takes up to 24-hours. The payout system at Bitcoin Circuit is a standard one that applies to all traders irrespective of the withdrawal amount. Sometimes the account owner must verify their account details in the case of high withdrawal amounts.

Bitcoin Circuit is protected by a powerful encryption technology making it highly impossible for cyber thefts, and further protecting the trader’s account from hackers and malware. Further, Bitcoin Circuit is in full compliance with the EU General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the user’s information is strictly protected and handled by the trading platform.

Both auto trade and manual modes are quite straightforward at Bitcoin Circuit. Registration is a must for the demo trading feature as well. Upon successful registration, the new user is provided with the opportunity to choose either a demo account or a live trading account.

If the trader selects the demo account, their demo account is credited with $1,500 virtual cash as the investment capital using which traders get a clear picture of the working of Bitcoin Circuit software. It is the best way of learning to trade especially for new traders.

To make money while trading, users must opt for the live trading session. Here, they need to deposit the capital fund of $250, which is the lowest deposit limit. For a large trade size, users may deposit more, in which case the highest deposit amount is $15,000.

Bitcoin Circuit when compared to its contemporaries has better customer service with multiple options to reach the customer support team. Unlike the other platforms, the Bitcoin Circuit Customer support system comprises live chat, phone, and email support. Bitcoin Circuit also provides customer service via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Apart from the above-mentioned, users can also fill in a Contact Form to receive support from the customer support team, where they reach the account owners either over phone or by mailing to the registered email address.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Bitcoin Circuit

As stated above, the minimum deposit is $250 while the maximum deposit may go up to $15,000. There are multiple payment methods like bank transfer, credit/debit card, and a few payment gateways for user’s convenience.

The deposit amount reflects in the user’s account section in the finance tab. Users can withdraw their capital as well as the money generated from successful speculation after the end of a trading session.

Unlike the stock market, Forex and cryptocurrency markets trade 24/7. Once a particular session is completed, users can raise a request for payout or cash out. Bitcoin Circuit usually takes up to 24-hours to process the withdrawal request. And, in the case of high withdrawal amounts, the trader may have to verify his/her phone number, email address, etc.

Readers are advised to claim the passive income they have earned at the end of every trading session. It is imperative as Bitcoin Circuit is an auto trader and there are chances for the automated trading system to use the profits earned as funds to trade. Withdrawing your earnings is thus important when you cannot afford to lose the money you earned by buying and selling Bitcoins or the other crypto currencies.

Bitcoin Circuit Reviews – Live Trading Results

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Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Circuit


  • Bitcoin Circuit has a high win rate of around 98%
  • It has one of the highest success scores of 97%
  • Bitcoin Circuit is a completely automated system
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Customized automated trade settings and trade sizes
  • Faster withdrawal process


  • Is not accessible by countries where Bitcoin is considered to be illegal

How Bitcoin Circuit Works?

To trade bitcoins or CFDs at Bitcoin Circuit, users must first register with the platform. The registration process is free and the steps involved are as follows:

Step One: Account Registration Process

Bitcoin Circuit website has an easy to fill registration form. The users are required to provide their name, email address, and phone number for creating their Bitcoin Circuit account. In this registration step, the users must set a password for logging into their user account.

Step Two: Account Verification

Once the registration is complete, the next step is the verification of the trader’s Bitcoin Circuit account and information, which generally takes only a few minutes. In fact, it would not be wrong to assume that Bitcoin Circuit has an efficient verification system in place.

Step Three: Demo Trading Feature

Bitcoin Circuit has the option of a Demo account that can be accessed soon after the user’s Bitcoin Circuit account is created and verified. To get started with trading, it is imperative to understand how the automated trader works. Enabling the demo trade feature will provide insights on the risk levels and the trade sizes.

Step Four: Fund Your Account

The demo account feature of Bitcoin Circuit is apt for understanding the auto trading feature. However, the demo account does not involve real money. In order to start trading for money, live trading on the platform is imperative. Thus, users must make a deposit of $250 as an investment capital into their trade accounts. And, this amount is the minimum deposit limit. It is important to note that traders can invest as high as $15,000, which is the maximum deposit limit.

Scam Bitcoin Circuit: What you Need to Know

Over the years, Bitcoins have garnered quite the popularity in the celebrity circles worldwide. Some of the notable names in the business world like Richard Branson, Eric Schmidt have openly supported bitcoins. In fact, these celebrities believe in the potential of the crypto coin. While this is true, there are various articles that suggest that cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcoin Circuit are actively promoted by well-known personalities.

In our research for this Bitcoin Circuit review, we did not find any proof that supports these claims. Our verdict is that these claims are fuelled by affiliate marketers who are interested in attracting web traffic by spreading this scam. Bitcoin Circuit website does not promote such claims on its official website.

Apart from the above, there are rumours claiming that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is an avid user of Bitcoin Rush. We did not find authentic sources supporting this claim. Apart from Gordon, many believe that technology entrepreneur Elon Musk of Tesla Group earns passive income via Bitcoin trades. As per our research, Elon Musk has refuted such claims calling.

Some articles and news also suggest that Bitcoin Rush was featured on TV shows like Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank, This Morning, among others. According to our research, it is not true. However, there are TV shows where Bitcoin supporters have expressed their opinions concerning the growing popularity of bitcoins and as to why it is crucial to invest in them.

So, is the Bitcoin Circuit truly a scam? Let’s get to the verdict in this Bitcoin Circuit review. Bitcoin has gained quite the fan base in the past decade. Most of the well-known celebrities and businessmen believe in the future of bitcoins. Using their publicly spoken opinion about bitcoins, many affiliate marketers connect it to the automated trading platforms. Nevertheless, while these stories are scam, the potential of the automated trading systems like Bitcoin Circuit is certainly not a scam.

Tips for New Investors

Whether experienced or beginners, the auto trading mode can be used by anyone. While choosing the auto trading option, it is important to customize the trading parameters. For instance, traders can set features like stop-loss limit, take profits, trade size, risk level, etc. We recommend new traders to start trading with a small trade size as low as $25 and low risk level. It is very crucial as one cannot afford to lose all their trading funds by choosing a high risk level.

Successful trade execution involves staying up to date with market trends. We suggest traders spend at least 20 minutes a day to study the price movement of the currency pairs. In fact, better market research is the key to making better trading decisions.

Lastly, but most importantly, ensure to invest only the minimum amount to carry a live trading session. Many people generally tend to get carried away and spend huge trading capitals in a bid to make more money. It is important to remember that irrespective of the trade size or your investment funds, profits can be made only when the time is right for conducting a profitable trade (buy or sell bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.)

The bottom line is, while it is possible to make money by executing successful crypto trades, it all narrows down to avoid the many scam websites. Also, investing in bitcoins and other cryptos are often associated with high risks where there are chances for the trader to lose money. For such instances, it is vital to make the right investment decision, which starts from choosing a trading system with CFD trades features.


With many new traders choosing automated robots to execute a successful crypto trade, there is a rise in the number of scam websites as well. Choosing a reliable and efficient automated trading system is hence very important. In this Bitcoin Review article, we have provided the complete information regarding the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Bitcoin Circuit. Our intention is for the reader to make an informed decision as to use Bitcoin Circuit or otherwise.

Bitcoin Circuit FAQs

Yes. Bitcoin Circuit is one of the legit cryptocurrency auto trading systems. Many users have claimed that the Bitcoin Circuit trading system has a win rate of around 98%, which is a very good number. What makes Bitcoin Circuit different from the other trading platforms is that the live trade feature of the account also has some of the sophisticated analytics tools that helps users make real money in record time. The withdrawal process is also faster where it takes within 24-hours to process the trader’s withdrawal request.

Bitcoins are one of the most widely accepted and valued cryptocurrencies where every transaction is recorded on a blockchain system. Over the years bitcoins have expressed intense price fluctuations, which makes them a highly volatile asset. Needless to say, people can generate passive incomes by either trading cryptocurrencies in general or bitcoins in particular. Besides, bitcoins are also eligible for CFD trades.

Typically, there is not a single crypto exchange that allows CFD trades of cryptos. On the other hand, only some of the auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Circuit provide Bitcoin CFDs options. Nevertheless, we advise traders to tread with care while choosing an auto trading software.

Yes, while there are chances, the probability is quite low. Also, rather than losing money, another threat traders have to worry about is avoiding the scam websites. As there are many scam platforms that promise huge returns on investments, it is easy to overlook the genuine ones. Also, bitcoins are subject to market volatility. And during such instances, we suggest CFD short trades where one can benefit from predicting the price drop of the asset concerned. The trick lies in choosing the right automated trader from the scam sites. In fact, opting for an automated trader software with CFD options will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Irrespective of the year, it is important to understand that bitcoins are highly volatile where there is a significant change in its price movements over short periods. And buying or selling cryptocurrencies or bitcoins in particular involves taking advantage of the asset’s volatility.

To enable profitable buying and selling of bitcoins at Bitcoin Circuit, users must make a deposit of $250, which is in fact, the lowest deposit limit. Needless to say, users can deposit higher capital funds where the maximum limit is $15,000.

Bitcoin Circuit Review